When you rely on your site as the core of a direct booking stategy,
routine maintenance is a must.

We provide web site upkeep and optimization for the Vacation Rental Industry

Why Should You Have a Website Care Plan?

Much like your rentals units, your website requires maintenance to provide a safe, appealing, well-running place for your guests.


Your Business Relies On Your Web Site for it's Success

When your site is such a vital piece of your business, it needs to be treated as so to keep you competitive.  We have highly skilled techs that use step-by-step processes to ensure that your site safe and optimized for top performance.


Provide a Great Visitor Experience

A great performing site that's easy to use makes it enjoyable for your visitors.  Our pre and post update validation ensures all your sites features are working properly for your visitors. 


A Well-Maintained Website with Performance Tuning is Necessary

You only have 10 seconds to give a visitor the choice to continue visiting your site.  A slow load time is the fastest way to lose visitors.  A site that is tuned for performance drastically reduces bounce rate.


Protect Your Visitors

All websites are susceptible to hacks and attacks. The best way to prevent this is to keep your site up to date and host it with a service that has an active firewall and security features!

With a Site Care Plan, you'll have a dedicated team of WordPress professionals to support your business and keep it online 24-7!

Digital Redefined Has Your Back

While you're busy hosting your guests with an amazing stay, we'll keep your website performing.

We have been providing professional WordPress solutions Vacation Rental Industry since 2014.  We manage hundreds of sites and have built systems and processes that keep all of them secure and optimized for best performance. 

We'll treat your business the same way - making sure your site is up, and open for business with our proven Website Care Plans.

We'll Take Care of You, You Take Care of Your Guests

With a web care plan, you're free to work on your business and not in your business.  Giving you more time to create content and help your guests with a great stay.


Exceptional Hosting

You can't have a great site but if it's hosted on a subpar service. 


Monthly and Urgent Updates

We perform updates monthly but if a high priority update is released we'll test and patch immediately.


Renewal Reminders

We track your domain renewal dates to make sure that you don't let them expire!


Daily Backups

When you rely on your site, daily backups as necessary if you ever need to quickly recover.


Monthly Reports

Includes maintenance performed, analytics, and traffic and website audit results


Website Protection

Malware cleanup can be expensive, we take measures to protect you from hackers. If a hack does occur we will clean up the mess.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Mario D.


The DR WordPress solution for Escapia Customers works flawlessly with Escapia and the best part is that Jim is reachable at a moment’s notice if anything is not working correctly. Usually, the issues are human error when entering data in Escapia, but nonetheless, Jim always got a solution.

John A.

a year ago-
I have been working with Jim for over 5 years now. He is the best in the industry. He has done several web-site projects for me. Jim is very knowledgeable and reliable. Jim communicates throughout every project step by step. I highly recommend his services you won't regret it!

Abe A

I would highly recommend Jim and his services. He is one of the best website developer professionals we have ever worked with. Jim is extremely responsive. I mean extremely responsive! He immediately tackles all of our questions we have for our website.

Vacation Rental Webcare Plans

Silver Care Plan

$200 /MO

  • Automatic Software Updates
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Check
  • Malware Scan & Removal
  • Database Cleanup and Optimization
  • Standard License Renewals
  • 30 Minutes Support Time
  • Monthly Maintenance Report
  • 72 Hour Response Time

Gold Care Plan

$300 /MO

  • All that's included with Silver
  • Performance and Speed Optimization
  • Scan & Fix Broken Links
  • Yearly SEO and Local Audit
  • Auto Updating Privacy Policy from Termageddon
  • 120 Minutes Support Time
  • Priority Email Support**
  • 48 Hour Response Time

Platinum Care Plan

$500.00 /MO

  • All that's included with Gold
  • Monthly Digital Strategy Session
  • Optimize for Google and Bing
  • Use of Staging Server
  • 240 Minutes Support Time
  • Phone Support**
  • 24 Hour Response Time
  • Unused Support Time Rolls Over

Cancel Anytime

Our month-to-month no-contract plans allow you to cancel anytime.  

Common Questions

Let us now focus on a few questions your users might have before they make a purchase. Everyone likes a clear view of things they are investing in. This is where you can answer their questions.

Our care plans are preventative care, so we try to prevent anything from happening.

If an issue does arise, our support staff will restore your site back to working order.

While we cannot guarantee a website will not be hacked,  We do everything possible to prevent it, as well as assist in restoration and cleanup of the website using the daily backups that are part of all our plans.

Much like a monthly financial report, our monthly maintenance report provides

  • Issues that were identified and actions that were taken to correct them
  • Tasks that were performed on your site throughout the month
  • Keyword Rankings
  • Analytics and Traffic
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Marketing Plan(Platinum)

Content update requests and small design improvements are the most common requests. 

Requests for new features to your website involving new plugin installation, developing new features, or a full site redesign will require a formal quote.

Similar to a lawyer's retainer, monthly tasks are available every month to place your requests into our schedule and, therefore do not rollover.

If you have a request that will go over your dedicated monthly tasks, we will submit a quote for you to approve separately from your plan. 

Additional requests will be billed at our current rate.

Listing units include a gallery highlighting the features.  These images need to be properly sized, named for SEO, and optimized for fast loading time.  We believe these cornerstones are vital to good rankings.  We perform this service to help clients be as competitive as possible.  We'll provide a location to upload the images and take care of the rest!

We can perform image optimizations ala carte or as part of a separate package if you have a large number of units to process images for.

Our content marketing plans are personalized towards your business, target customers buyer.

Our content marketing plan provides guidance on how to build awareness, increase your presence as an authority in your industry, and create engagement campaigns with your ideal customers.  Used in conjunction with the Digital Strategy Sessions, we lay out a roadmap for building your content marketing schedule.

30 minutes of changes are about 3 to 5 small changes per month. 

Examples of one small change include:

  • Uploading and formatting a blog post
  • Adding new client testimonials
  • Adding or tweaking copy on a page
  • Swapping out an images 

If you're unsure that a task can be covered in your allotted time, feel free to ask

Our Platinum Plan includes a monthly session for internet marketing advice.  For Platinum Plan subscribers, our monthly report includes a recommended marketing plan and this time can be used to strategize and prioritize which tasks should be performed to improve your internet presence

We track incoming customer reviews and respond to them as necessary by addressing reviews that can potentially damage your brand's reputation.  We use tested strategies to try and to solve problems before they damage you or your brand's reputation.

Google MyBusiness Reviews included as default + 1 other platform of your choice. (TripAdvisor Reviews, Facebook Business Page Reviews, etc )

All our website care plans are tailored towards the inclusive of Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting, that has an edge with advantages like:

  • 100% Samsung SSD Storage
  • Optimized for Speed & Security 
  • Super-fast WordPress Caching Engine
  • Dual 12-core processors 
  • Free Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Brute Force Login Protection
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • 1 Tbps+ anti-DDoS protection
  • Malware Scanning

As Enterprise-Grade Security is built into the hosting platform and specially enhanced for WordPress, you never have to worry about any additional security & caching plugins. 

We have worked closely with our hosting service to the resource needs of our WordPress Solution for Escapia Customers are handled.

Note: While we include a Hosting Plan, means we do not limit you with disk space & bandwidth unless our Acceptable Use Policy is violated.

Managed WordPress hosting is a concierge service where all technical aspects of running WordPress is managed by the host.

This includes security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, website uptime, and scalability.

The idea behind managed WordPress hosting is to offer a completely hassle-free experience, so you can focus on running your business and thrilling your guests!

One of the best parts of our Managed WordPress hosting is the premium support. Support provided by WordPress professionals with years of experience rather than someone who is reading a support manual.

A staging server is a type of server that is used to test website functionality prior to making changes to the production environment.

This is ideal for websites that have custom features and functions that require more stringent testing prior to deployment to production.

Although these plans are for sites we build or re-design, we welcome clients who are looking for a long-term relationship with dedicated site support.

First, we perform a website evaluation to become familiar with the website, how it was built, and any potential issues that can arise and document its configuration.

We document any issues and provide suggestions for improvement prior to beginning your monthly Web Care Plan. The Website Evaluation has a fixed fee, however, if issues are security-related or require immediate attention we will supply an estimate.

Finally, we will perform all website updates, set up monitoring, and perform a full backup.

We'll have your plan set up within 1-2 business days.


We would hate to see you go but, understand financial needs outweigh other decisions and don't want to lock anyone in. Request a cancellation via email supplied with our welcome information, and we will immediately stop the next payment.

Yes! Our Gold Care or above plans are perfect for keeping your WooCommerce site running great.

Got some exciting comments and feedback to show off? This is where you can place them. Pick the best comments and feedback you got from your existing clients and paste them here. They'll surely help you build a huge clientele.

Amy Fernandez


Got some exciting comments and feedback to show off? This is where you can place them. Pick the best comments and feedback you got from your existing clients and paste them here. They'll surely help you build a huge clientele.

David Lorengton


Got some exciting comments and feedback to show off? This is where you can place them. Pick the best comments and feedback you got from your existing clients and paste them here. They'll surely help you build a huge clientele.

James Leblanc